Chromatin "seeding": Nup107 marks initiation sites for NPC assembly. 

Cell culture nuclei: deconvolution microscopy. Chromatin in blue; double NPC staining by 2 antibodies (red, green).


Nuclear pore complexes on the surface of an isolated human cell nucleus. See: Shaulov and Harel, Structure, 2012.

Xenopus laevis frog eating with its fingertips.



FESEM imaging of an early nuclear assembly intermediate - after inhibition of membrane vesicle fusion.


s-TIM5 cyanophages infecting a marine cyanobacterium. See: Sabehi et al., PNAS, 2012.


In vitro-reconstituted nuclei

(NPC staining in green). 

 Double cargo staining in a nucleus: Red, classical NLS import pathway; Green, 20S+ proteasome import (Savulescu et al., 2011).

Isolated nucleus from a mouse lung fibroblast.