Graduate Studies

The aim of the Faculty of Medicine graduate program is to educate and develop world-class scientific researchers who will significantly contribute and succeed in the world of academic research.  The graduate study program in the Faculty of Medicine provides a unique opportunity to delve into the most burning questions in modern medical sciences in an environment that fosters multi-disciplinary collaboration and aims to both challenge and enrich the graduate research students. The focus of the Faculty of Medicine graduate program is to enable the student to deal creatively and effectively with the new and exciting questions that are being presented in the scientific community.  In addition, the diversity of the faculty’s research interests provides ample opportunities for students to discover and develop their own interests in the medical and scientific fields, so that they can forge their own unique path in the scientific research community.


The graduate program consists of several programs, including a two-year program towards a Masters of Science (M.Sc.) degree, a four year program towards a Doctorate of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.), and a MD/Ph.D program for aspiring research doctors.  The main component of these research programs are the development and execution of a unique research project which will be presented in the student’s thesis.  Each student will be an active member of one of the faculty’s research teams, and be personally advised by the Principle Investigator of the laboratory.  The student will be integrated into a research team through a process of personal interviews with the Principle Investigator.  There are also opportunities for students to be actively involved in the research of several laboratories, through collaborations between the research groups. 


We invite you to study in our enriching and state-of-the-art research environment.  For more information about applying for graduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine in the Galil, go to