Institute of Human Genetics Laboratory

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Our research lab is part of the Genetic Institute at the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, providing us enormous sources of possible genetic mysteries. Each genetic examination and counseling to a patient and his/her family might lead to the next biological enigma.  We aim to search for genes responsible for various rare genetic disorders and investigate the biochemical and molecular basis for the disorder through studying the related protein function and biological pathway.


 Starting from the patients and families we go to the lab bench and then back to the clinic. The patients benefit immediately from our research as we develop new diagnostic tools for their families and communities, together with new biological and/or pharmaceuticals insights.


The Genetic Institute was founded and is led by Prof. Tzipora Falik-Zaccai, and is a part of the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee, Bar-Ilan University. Prof. Falik-Zaccai developed study programs for genetic counseling in the past, and today heads the M.D-Ph.D track, coordinates the field of Genetics studies, instructs advanced-degrees research students and is a member of the Study and Acceptance committees for advanced degrees in the faculty.


  The genetic institute includes the TEVE research program for human genetics. an excellence center for the research of the genetic basis of neuro-genetic disorders, intellectual disability syndromes and pain associated phenotypes, along with establishment of tailored genetic counseling training programs.